Stephen Brumwell

Stephen Brumwell (Ph.D. University of Leeds) “Born in Portsmouth, an historic port on England’s South coast, I worked as a newspaper reporter before attending university as a mature student and gaining a Ph.D. in history. My doctoral research formed the basis for a book Redcoats. Although an academic study, it was warmly received on both sides of the Atlantic and was instrumental in encouraging me to switch from teaching at university to concentrating upon writing.  In addition to producing a range of publications, I have also participated in radio and television. While my research has focused upon the Eighteenth Century, my interests are far wider in scope and I remain keen to present my ideas at conferences, and to engage with specialists and the general public alike.   Now married and with a daughter and a son, I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, working as a freelance writer and independent historian.”  His most recent book:  Paths of Glory received the Distinguished Book Award from the Society of Colonial Wars.